Strategies for Aging

February 28th, 2010

We find that there are two strategies that people use when they age. Parents of the Boomer Generation did not have to deal with very old parents because it was very unusual for that generation to survive into their eighties. People and old people in particular are resistant to change. Aging necessarily, involves major lifestyle changes.

The first strategy, that most people use, is to react to events. That is to let events control you. That is to always take the default option and to do nothing. The problem is that events will eventually and inevitably overwhelm you. What happens to you, you may not like. You will have little or no control. This strategy creates an unbelievable amount of stress for your family.

The second strategy is to be proactive. You take control of events and make decisions in advance. Examples are when should we downsize? When we move, where are going to move to? Decluttering, as you move through the various stages should be planned and organized. Your family avoids significant amounts of anguish if wills and powers of attorney are in place and up to date.

You have a choice. If you choose not to make decisions, you are exercising the default option.

William Jack