William Jack, author of the recently published e-book “Retirement for Smarties“, has been providing  independent retirement counseling for clients in the Greater Toronto Area since 2004.


William is an independent, fee-based advisor:  He does not sell any financial or investment products and therefore, he is  under no pressure to meet sales quotas or generate commission fees through his recommendations. He is unambiguously committed to serving your interests.

Financial Rigour

William is a Certified Financial Planners and a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries.  He worked as an actuary in the life insurance industry for 35 years, and is well versed in all types of life, health and annuity products, both individual and group. He is highly qualified to help you address the financial aspects of your retirement planning.

Lifestyle Insights

Finances are only one facet of an effective retirement and lifestyle plan. As a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (www.cpcacanada.com), William works with clients to help them anticipate the opportunities and challenges offered by retirement and aging, resulting in a set of informed lifestyle choices that ensure they are well prepared for various life events. He will help you with your lifestyle issues as well as purely financial choices.